19 Years Ago – October 1996 by Ayfer Yeniçağ


Our School is opened by the President Süleyman Demirel’s Speech on the 16th of Sept 1996, by the enthusiastic initiatives of dear Feyyaz Berker.

It was very important to speak the same language with our students and the parents would understand the school’s education system and could support our kids and the school better. We believed that the collaboration of School-Student-Parent is vitally important to achieve successful results. Thus, it was the time to have our PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

Our parents responded our announcement in our weekly Newsletter. We had our first meeting in an empty room in the library area in A Blok, which is currently used by our primary school students. I never forget that, we did not have enough chairs and we used our creativity which we want to reflect to our students , we dyed the leftover woods from the construction and prepared a sitting area. It became a colorful nice meeting place.

Majority of our parents, who have already listened us in our introductory meetings 1 year ago, learned about Kemerköy İlköğretim Okulu and have chosen us for their dear children’s education, joined our first meeting to see the education at our school closely and support us. Most of them were my students from Robert College, who were conscious people who chose the learning system by understanding instead of multiple choice test system, and who paid importance to creativity, science, art and sports.

Our Parent Teacher Association was founded in this first meeting in October 1996, where I got the message that our parents will always support us in both material and moral ways. And the Chair duty was given to Ceyda’s mother Zuhal Bıçakçı.

Ayfer Yeniçağ