Hisar High School students participated in the Innovation Fair that held in Istanbul Congress Center between December 5th-7th. Our 9 students have joined the fair with six different projects which is organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly. Our students; Lisa K.’19, Nehir A.’20, Yekta A.’17, Liora N.’19, Fatih A.’16, Mert B.’17, Mehmet Can A.’16, Can Ö.’16 and İlayda Ö.’16 shared their projects with their visitors.

The Projects; Drone, Planeterium, Clock, Extork, Flappy Bird Game ve Poseidon Mission.

How our students are introducing their projects?

The projects were different subjects and objectives from each other. Our planeterium projects draw Unity and the actual brightness with in the sky of 2000 starts. With a projector, we reflected our project into the Planetarium that we built. We used the Leap Motion sensor and with the help of hand movement, it navigated among the starts.

At the clock project, we made a clock that has different system than the normal clocks. The red leds that are on the clcok, shows the hour. Wile the green leds shows the first digit of the minute and yellow led lights shows the second digit of the minutes. For example, if the clock shows 4.32, than the red led would be on the 4, the green led would be next to 3 and the yellow led would be next to 2 would be lighted.

Poseidon Missiob is a game developed by MIT App Inventor for Andraid phones. It aims to teach 4 and 6 years of children the coding logic.