Dr. Özgür Bolat held an interactive and engaging seminar for Hisar parents on 4 January 2016. He is a well-known expert in children’s education, and has received his education from Boğaziçi, Harvard, MIT, Cambridge Universities. The seminar was attended by over 300 parents, who asked a variety of questions about their children’s education.

Does success bring happiness or vice versa? Does happiness start from within or from external influences, does this depend on the person himself, and is it sustainable? How does awarding/penalizing/praising/comparing help or not help a child in his or her education? Is school itself enough for educating a child? What is the family’s role in a child’s education? …So many such questions were discussed during the 2.5-hour meeting where the questions and interest from the parents never ended.

We thank our parents for their intensive interest and Dr. Özgür Bolat for his interesting and helpful seminar.