Hisar’s Middle School Student Council has always been sensitive about the needs of their peers. This year, they organized the “Make a Wish” campaign for Çetinsu Primary School of 37 students, located in Ağrı’s Eleşkirt district. Our students asked Çetinsu Primary School students what they would like as new year’s presents and made a list of the presents. Afterwards, they randomly selected envelopes containing the names of the presents from the New Year’s tree.

Hisar’s Community Service department and Parent Teacher Association supported the campaign by providing winter coats, beanies and gloves for each Çetinsu Primary School student. Considering Ağrı’s climate, volunteering parents, teachers and PTA also contributed to send waterproof winter boots for all students.

The gift packages were sent on Wednesday, January 13th 2016 to Çetinsu and arrived on the first day of the semester break due to the harsh winter conditions in the area, hopefully making a welcome semester break gift. Thanks to everyone in the Hisar community for their involvement and generosity.