On Saturday, April 16th, Hisar College Counseling Team and Community Service Department participated in an exciting community service project at the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) with CIS member colleagues representing Yale NUS, Baruch College, Vanderbilt, Hofstra, Saint John’s College, Gilon Institute, Chapman, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. While the Committee for Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMA) leads student recruitment trips for international universities on behalf of the CIS and visits Turkish high schools regularly, it was special that this year’s trip allowed members to partner with the community through volunteering and service work in Istanbul. At TEGV’s learning center in Zeyrek, more than ten education administrators around the world interacted with and helped educate children in two different activities focusing on creative arts and sciences. Working with TEGV provided us with the perfect opportunity to give back and connect with the local community in a meaningful way. We hope to continue engaging in community service initiatives with our international colleagues in the future.