The program called Active Student, Active Citizen, in operation since 2010 with support of our Community Services department and volunteering students, held its summer school program in the town of Manisa this year. 5 teachers and 47 high school students volunteered for the program attended by 65 students from Manisa. Our students learned a great deal from participation in this project in terms of sharing knowledge and skills, developing new social relationships, learning about the local natural, historical and cultural differences and appreciating the value of diversity. In previous years, this project took place in the towns of Ağrı, Gaziantep, Sinop, Samsun, Kars and Prisden in Kosovo.

During the program, 5 teachers and 47 Hisar students came together and planned the next day’s activities. During the day, our students moderated workshops on human rights and citizenship, critical thinking, discrimination, war, ecology, English, drama and rhythm whereas our teachers observed the groups. At the end of the day, students evaluated themselves and then received feedback from their teachers.

Students also prepared and served breakfast for the 65 summer school attendees and then cleaned up after the breakfast. Lunches were ordered from a catering company but served by our students.

During the two week program, 65 students from Manisa were able to enjoy a summer school program which they would not normally have a chance to attend to and our 47 students gained considerable social experiences.

Students visisted historical, natural and cultural heritage sites of Manisa and tasted local foods on Saturdays. The summer school program was concluded with an exhibition of the students’ work and a certificate ceremony.