This year the subject of the fashion competition organized at Regent’s University in London was sustainability. Our students created wearable clothes by using waste and used materials in the context of sustainability. Out of the various designs, Defne U.s, a sophomore student from our school, design will be exhibited in the Central London Regent’s University’s Fashion department’s traditional graduation fashion show on 11th of May and Defne’s design will be representing our school in the international final. The designs that our students made will be published in Bloomsbury Fashion Catalogue with the work of Stuart McKenzie, a freelance illustrator and lecturer in fashion. The letter Regent’s University sent us included a personel thank you note to our students Balca Naz E. and Işulsu Ş. and to all other students who collaborated with their work admiring for their assistance and they also received invitations for the Regent’s University’s Traditional Graduation Runway. The designs that our students made during their portfolio and art lessons, their afterschool working hours are exhibited in the high school building lobby.