This semester, many of our students worked with our first scholar-in-residence, Abby Gerdts. Some of this work culminated in musical, comedy and tragedy performances on May 23 and 31.

On May 23rd our primary and middle school students had their musical performances. In primary school, 9 of our students performed two different scripts; one written by their drama teachers combining two stories the students enjoyed from their 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms, “Winnie The Witch” and “Professor Puffendorf”. And the second was a scene adapted from the famous Broadway musical, “Newsies”. Following their performance, 12 middle school students from 5th to 8th grade, took stage and performed a scene and the song, “Revolting Children” from the musical, “Matilda”.

On May 31st, our 8th grade elective students performed sketches they had written and co-directed, first to their peers during school time and on the same evening, to parents and guests. Following 8th grade’s evening performance, our 11th grade students performed scenes from William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.

All of the performances were received with wonderful feedback from peers, parents, teachers, and guests. Most importantly, the students seemed to be enjoying the experience and we’re proud of their hard work and accomplishment!

Photos from May 23

Photos from May 31