Hisar Robotics team Citadel formed by high school students and mentored by the Computer Education and Science Department teachers, attended the First Robotics Competition Off-Season Event organised by Fikret Yüsek Foundation on December 2-3-4 at Ülker Sports Arena.

At the event that 54 teams competed. Our team, winning the highly competitive quarterly and semifinal games, qualified to play at the finals. Citadel completed the competition as runner up together with the teams in its alliance and they won the distinguished, “Finalist Alliance Award” for their stellar participation.

During the preparation period which took 6 weeks before the competition, our students worked as a team and designed a robot that could complete 3 tasks successfully. At the competition which were 3 full days of high-tempo activity, the Business Group did a lot of work, from creating visual and corporate identity, managing the social media communication, creating a website, designing t-shirts and badges. They also conducted meetings with a number of companies to find resources for robot construction and other costs. Through these meetings, students developed their skills to express their ideas, make presentations, create brands and entrepreneurship.

Our team, Citadel will continue to work for the competitions to be held in Istanbul and USA in March, designing a new robot.