We give great importance to raise our students as well educated, literate individuals who have good reading habits, cultural richness, who can evaluate literary and scientific texts with criticism and can discuss and explore them. For this purpose, together with our 2. grade students, we worked on the book “The Little Black Fish” written by Samed Behrengi.

First our students did guided reading in their classes with their teachers and worked on concepts like reading and understanding, character and plot analysis. After they completed this work, they worked on the book in their art lesson and discovered that the visuals in the book also have artistic value and are known worldwide. Then they drew their own pictures of the little black fish. At the library lesson, the students used threads to make a frame like a net for their pictures. Our students related the notion of freedom with Little Black Fish escaping the net. They defined freedom in their own words and analyzed the story. We exhibited our students’ work from this study in the A block lobby of our school.