Between May 4 and 6, our Middle School students Melis A., Ceren D., Lara Ann T., Ayşe S., Ceren T., Zeynep U., Andy Emre K. ve Alp D. participated to the Coolest Project Competition in Dublin, under the mentorship of Computer Education department. Our students competed in ”hardware” and ”web” categories with three project.

Three projects our students developed are; Quary Life an autonomous plant breeding project, Seashells an informative website project for helping people make their lives environment friendly via a plastic-free life and uPi Robotic Kit a hardware project helping the users create a Raspberry Pi robot and teaching them how to use and code different features of the robot.

uPİ Robotic Kit Project developed by Andy Emre K. and Alp Doğan was awarded with the first place in Senior Hardware category.