Starting her education in Hisar Schools Preschool, Defne Çağlar graduated from Hisar High School in 2011.

Defne attended the school shortly after the foundation of the Hisar Schools, thus, she has become one of our graduates who witnessed the numerous developments and gradual progresses of Hisar Schools turning into a high school.

Following her high school graduation, Defne received education on History of Art and Architecture in Boston University in the US. And after working at several art galleries in New York for about 2 years, she returned to İstanbul. Defne’s path crossed with another Hisar graduate, namely Alara Kap. Shortly after this encounter, Defne started working as an editor at the culture-art magazine where Alara is employed.

Today, our graduate works in a content distribution company named Videomite. Her duty is to provide content for the global digital platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, BluTV and Spotify in collaboration with the production companies.

In 2019, Defne was awarded with the “Stylish Woman of the Year” by Elle Style Awards. We are also very proud to have her back again as a member in Hisar Schools’ Visual Arts Advisory Committee. In collaboration with very valuable committee members experienced in arts, Defne works on projects to improve the school activities in arts and to create new projects for those students who aims to have a career in arts.

Our graduate refers to Hisar Schools as a place where she has discovered her inner self and defines being a member of Hisar family as “a unique opportunity, a special privilege.”

We wish Defne a successful and prosperous career path.