Within the scope of March 8, International Women’s Day, students have carried out various awareness activities.

Our volunteer team of 7th and 8th Grade female students thought, discussed and questioned “Gender Language” and “Violence Against Women” with the support of our Middle School Social Sciences Department.

Students interviewed our female employees in the school; applied surveys to their peers; and developed projects such as movies, posters and dictionary of concepts. They gathered all these works under a single website by examining the issue of women’s rights from different perspectives. While the interviews are published on the created web page as a collage movie, posters of the interviews are also displayed on the billboard in the Middle School building.

Please click here to reach the website that you can see all the studies and projects.

Our High School students, on the other hand, drew attention to the women’s rights issue with their mini-concert organized within the scope of the International Women’s Day and the visual works of artists, scientists, activists, writers, thinkers working on High School building boards.