While all the schools start to implement distance education programs as a precaution to the pandemic of new coronavirus (Covit-19), in the week of March 23-29, we, as Hisar Schools, launched distance education by providing online courses and resources with enriched content.

Throughout the process, our students will continue their education on different platforms:

  • Like our students, teachers and the whole school, we use G Suite applications.
  • All materials, content, and instructions of the lessons are shared with our students via Google Drive or Google Classroom.
  • G Suite applications offer the opportunity to work together for our students, teachers and employees.
  • Google Meet will be used for video conferencing applications (video calling).

In addition to these platforms, our students and parents will also be able to benefit from the online resources offered by our Library. Also, our Information Technologies and Computer Education Departments will continue to support our students on weekdays and weekends, too. For support and questions regarding the use of technical or educational technology tools, you can reach the relevant departments via e-mailing to destek@hisarschool.k12.tr.

Our academic staff, Computer Education, Information Technology and all other administrative departments are working hard to maintain this process meticulously. Please click for the Distance Education Policy that reflects the distance education approach of Hisar Schools.

We wish all our students good work and success in the distance education process.