Piwars Robotics Competition held at the University of Cambridge was organized by our High School students in Turkey for the first in 2019. In 2020, High School students coordinated the same event for the second time. and hosted 20 teams with 120 participants.

In the PiWars competition, one of the goals of all teams was to dominate the perspective of learning and overcoming difficulties rather than competition. The teams that tried to perform autonomous and remote controlled tasks competed in the following stages:

  • Pi noon
  • Golf
  • Obstacle Course
  • Duck shoot
  • Maze
  • Proximity Alert
  • Line Following
  • Smart city

In addition to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards at the end of the contest, special awards were found for the construction and design, code, and jury special awards as a result of meticulous evaluations of the juries. We sincerely congratulate all the teams participating in the event.

The PiWars event, which is open to the participation of all high school students, supports the teams that cannot provide a robot kit financially. PiWars successfully contributes to the development of our students’ mentoring, leadership and organizational skills, as well as their dominance in programming, electronics and robotics.

We congratulate all our students and teachers who helped organize the event successfully organized under the mentor of the Computer Education department and wish them continued success.