Kaan Kahya, whose path crossed with Hisar School during high school years, graduated from Hisar High School in 2015.

Upon the graduation, his biggest dream came true when he was accepted to the Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. This year, Kaan will graduate as a dentist. Planning to follow a PhD program and wishing to have an academic career, our graduate is also a personality with high social awareness and advanced social skills. Despite of having an intensive undergraduate program, he takes part in a number of projects as a volunteer of The Educational Volunteers of Turkey (TEGV), Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) and The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV). Moreover, Kaan is a professional piano player and he is an active member of a band.

Based on the results of the SAT exam Kaan took at Hisar School during high school years when he had a wish to work in the health industry, he was invited to an international conference at high school level in the USA. His decision to be a dentist became definite during career seminars there. Stating that Hisar School contributed a lot to his social side alongside to his professional career choice, Kaan adds that he met various NGO’s, being KAÇUV at the first place, at Hisar School. He found a chance to develop his piano skills with the music band of which he was an active member during his high school years. Kaan took part in the student team that was sent to Italy to represent Hisar School at San Remo music contest. He mentions that he was the chairman of the music club of his faculty at Istanbul University for 3 years thanks to the experience he gained in Italy.

In the previous months, having presented his case presentation at the 31st International Scientific Congress of Turkish Society of Oral Implantology (TOİD), Kaan is one of our alumni who fills us with pride by proceeding on his academic career path with success. We congratulate Kaan, who defines being a Hisar graduate as “being a world citizen who is well-equipped in all respects”, on his volunteer works and we wish him success in his future endeavors.