Our High School students achieved important success by participating in international competitions organized by Regent University of London. Our students successfully represented our school with their projects in the Graphic Design, Multimedia and Interior Design categories.

Our Elective Graphic Design course students who participated in the contest in the field of Graphic Design conducted a dynamic corporate identity study related to a city they chose within the scope of the “Cultural Capital 2025” theme determined this year.

Our students completed their applications and made their applications reflecting the essence – heritage, culture, history and various sounds of the city they selected, using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop programs. As a result of the contest, our 11th grade students Deniz U. received the 1st prize with the “Naiorabi” project, while Elif T. became the finalist with the “Rio De Janerio” project.

In Multimedia – Short film category, our Elective Multimedia and Animation course students; They participated in the competition with their short films that describe the city they live in – within the scope of “My City” – the theme of this year – and reflect in a creative way what “home” means to them. In this category, Lal P., one of our 12th grade students, received the first prize, while Can E., 11th grade students, qualified for the finalist with the “My City” project.

In addition, our High School student İdil B. was entitled to be a finalist with the project “The Cage” in Regent University’s School Interior Design contest “in between space” category.

You can find detailed file contents of all projects in the link.

The works of all students invited to the event to be held at Regent University; it was deemed worthy to show at the exhibition to be held at the university. In addition, our students and our school have gained subscriptions to world-famous publications in the field of Graphic and Digital Design.

We congratulate all our students who participated in the contest and wish them continued success.