Within the scope of our educational cooperation with Columbia University, the first module that focused on “Assessment and Evaluation” for our academic staff was realized in February 2020.

The second module, which started in May, has been reshaped with the current pandemic conditions, and has been planned as a training that will include the strategies of “Learning and Measurement and Assessment in Distance Education Environment” according to the needs of each school. The trainings include classroom visits and implementation activities, and also includes distance education model, follow-up and consultancy studies for school administrators and department heads to ensure continuous development in the project.

When the training is completed, we aim to ensure that our academic programs are developed using innovative approaches based on international research results, on critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative work skills. We believe that we have started an important process. We are extremely happy that our teachers will be equipped with effective assessment and thinking strategies, and that will further strengthen our students ‘learning to learn’ skills.