We are proud to announce that our High School student Melis S. became one of the winners of this year’s Harvard Global Women’s Empowerment Essay Contest.

The theme of the Harvard GlobalWE Essay Contest was “What is the biggest challenge facing women in your country today?”. Our student Melis S., among the other students from different countries and schools in the world, is chosen with her article.

We congratulate our student and wish them continued success.

About the Harvard GlobalWE Article Contest:

The GlobalWE Essay Contest was established to invite student to think critically about the status and rights of women. The contest is open to all students of the selected High Schools around the world.

The Harvard GlobalWE Board and its essay contest team judge entries on how well they identify the chosen challenge, explain the problems, convey the ideas with emotional power, and identify potential solutions. Essays will be judged on focus, content, organization, accuracy, language use, vocabulary, style, and grammar and mechanics.