Our Philosophy and Politics Club, consisting of our High School students, organized a seminar titled as “Politics and Politics from Antiquity to Today” with Prof. Dr. Hosted Hakan Çörekçioğlu. We would like to thank our guest-speaker Hakan Çörekçioğlu and all participants for this enjoyable online conversation.

Professor Dr. About Hakan Çörekçioğlu

Born in 1970. He completed his undergraduate and master education in Ege University Philosophy Department. He made researches and studies on Kant’s politics philosophy at the University of Hamburg with DAAD’s doctorate and post-doctorate scholarships. His main areas of expertise are Kant and German Idealism, politics philosophy, Renaissance culture, utopianism, and the relationship between philosophy and literature. Political Universe of Kant Philosophy; Modernity and Utopia; Deleuze: In addition to his books on Philosophy and Literature in the Relationship with Life and the Nature of Renaissance, he has articles published in various national and international scientific journals. He still works as a lecturer at Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Philosophy.