Joining Hisar Schools at the Preschool stage, Nesli graduated from Hisar High School in 2013.

A chorist from her first year at Primary school, member of our school’s multiple award-winning B-Side Orchestra at middle and High School, Nesli developed an interest in psychology in addition to music. She went onto join a double major program in Music and Psychology in Wheaton College, USA. Before starting her graduate studies, Nesli taught music and sound as well as serving as form teacher. She then was accepted to “Master of Arts in Music & Music Education”, studying vocal performance, pedagogy and music for the following two years.

Still living in New York, our alumni is not only a vocalist but a composer and lyricist as well. In the meantime Nesli teaches music to children, serves as voice instructor for any age group as well as choir master and acapella conductor. With teaching experience in famous studios and schools in Boston such as Rock and Roll Daycare and Musicians Playground, our alumni continues her career journey as a “teaching artist.” In other words, she not only teaches but performs music as well. Nesli has given concerts in especially numerous well-known venues in New York.

Working with Grammy-nominee audio engineer Kerim Willhelm, she shares her music on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music with the account “Nesly K.” She also shares with her followers on social media various covers and acapella arrangements as well as information on sound, voice health and singing techniques. These days, she gives one-to-one private lessons in Columbia University. Nesli’s dreams for the future include opening her own studio and reaching out to people with her music.

Reflecting on where she is now, Nesli says that especially the Music and English education she received at Hisar School contributed a lot to her, with her experiences at the B-Side Orchestra, music and dance contests, musicals and end-of-year shows playing a big role in her decision on her choices and ideals.

She defines her belonging with Hisar as being both open minded and determined, ambitious but gentle, talented but modest, equal to being a modern leader.

Our dear alumni Nesli describes Hisar School as a big family. We would like to thank her for being a member of this beautiful family. We will be following her performances with pride and enthusiasm and we wish her further success.