As Hisar Schools, we aim to continue our online seminars, which we had started in the distance education period, in the new 2020-2021 Academic Year.

In this context, with the leadership of our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department, the guest of the seminar will be Child and Adolescent Psychoanalyst and Clinical Psychologist Funda Akkapulu.

On Tuesday, August 25, Funda Akkapulu will share valuable information about “Being a Parent in a New Education Order”. The seminar will be live through the official Instagram account of Hisar Schools, between 21.00-22.30 hours.

We invite all our parents to our first online parent seminar of the new period to talk about the most accurate approaches and attitudes in this difficult pandemic process, which is full of uncertainties.

Counseling Parent Seminar: “Being a Parent in a New Education Order”

Guest: Child and Adolescent Psychoanalyst Funda Akkapulu

Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Time: 21.00 – 22.30

Media: Hisar School Official Instagram Account / Live Broadcast (You can click here to access the account.)