Our High School Principal Okan Uzelli and Informatics Strategies Center Coordinator Dilara Vardar were the guests of the “New Things Guide” radio program prepared and presented by Serhat Ayan on Sputnik Radio.

Throughout the program, the developments and innovations in the field of education during the pandemic process and the future of education were discussed.

Okan Uzelli and Dilara Vardar provided important information about the Distance Learning Policy, Technology Roadmap for Teachers and Health and Safety Guide documents prepared in detail by Hisar School during the pandemic process and shared with all stakeholders as open source.

It was emphasized that behind the success of Hisar School, which quickly adapted to the distance learning process, are the investments made in technological infrastructure development and regular teacher trainings.

Who is Serhat Ayan?

He was born in 1971. He studied at Saint Joseph High School and Marmara University, Department of Public Administration in French. He started journalism in the early 1990s. After working in various magazine groups ranging from health to culture and arts within the Doğan publishing group, he started working as a reporter for Milliyet newspaper. He worked as a journalist and columnist for newspapers such as Hürriyet, Cumhuriyet, Akşam, Today and Yurt. In addition, while presenting TV programs in broadcasts such as Teknoloji Televizyonu and TRT, he broadcasted in different radios, too. He currently works on topics such as communication, technology and social media and runs his own blogs. Ayan is the producer and host of the technology program named ‘New Things Guide’ at RSFM-Sputnik Radio.