Pınar Sevilmiş started her education at Hisar School with a full success scholarship at the 9th grade and graduated from Hisar High School in 2016.

While studying for the university entrance exam in Turkey, Pınar benefited from the education she received at Hisar School and the support of the Turkish Universities Counseling Department. At the university entrance exam, she became the 568th in Turkey with her score in social sciences and literature category. She registered to Koç University Department of Archaeology and Art History with a full scholarship.

During her undergraduate studies in the summer of 2018, Pınar participated in an archaeological research project carried out in the ancient city of Sagalassos, Burdur, one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. At that point, Pınar realized that although she loved archaeology, her passion for cinema was starting to outweigh it. She thus started a double major program at the Media and Visual Arts Department of Koç University. Pınar will graduate from both departments in June 2021.

Pınar thinks that cinema is one of the best forms of expression to understand and describe a living thing, thus enabling a better world. She notes that thanks to Hisar School, she had the opportunity to discover academic and social development fields at a much earlier age compared to her peers. She states that various experiences during her high school education, ranging from ancient Greek tragedies such as Sophocles’ plays, and from Shakespeare’s work to historical dramas shown in history classes, have nourished her in the fields like literature, cinema and social sciences, and played a huge role in her current career path.

Pınar enriched her knowledge of human and world history with archaeology and then fortified it with cinema. Her love and talent for cinema was not limited to academic studies. In 2019, she became the producer of a short film which achieved a great success by being selected one of the top five short films in the “Meetings on the Bridge” project, which is Turkey’s most prestigious short film development workshop organized every year by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. (IKSV)

Currently, Pınar is busy directing and writing the screenplay of a new short film as part of her university graduation project. She is also the festival director of another film, the shooting phase of which has just been completed. She has been working as an intern at an Istanbul-based film production company which cooperates with global companies such as Netflix and Universal Studios.

In the future, she aims to get a master’s degree in cinema to further develop herself, work actively in film production as a director, writer and producer, and also continue her academic studies in the field.

Pınar describes Hisar School as liberal and forever innovative place and thinks that being a Hisar member forms a substantial part in her self-realization process and her dreams.

We sincerely wish success to our beloved graduate Pınar, who has achieved great works both in academia and in her career, in her new projects.