Our Sports Department came together with Prof. Dr. Gıyasettin Demirhan, Head of Hacettepe University Sports Sciences Faculty – Physical Education and Sports Teaching Department, in an online talk.

Throughout the meeting, issues such as “Program Development, Curriculum, Model School and Accreditation” were discussed in detail.

We would like to thank Mr. Demirhan for this pleasant and productive meeting.

Who is Prof. Dr. Gıyasettin Demirhan?

He was born in Yusufeli, Artvin in 1963. He completed his undergraduate education in 1986, his master’s degree in 1991 and his doctorate in 1995 from the Institute of Social Sciences Educational Sciences (Curriculum and Instruction). Gıyasettin Demirhan, who has been actively involved in many national and international studies, is still continuing his studies at Hacettepe University School of Sport Sciences and Technology.