Our graduate Ceren Kaysadi, whose path crossed with Hisar Schools in 2005, graduated from Hisar High School in 2010 by receiving “Mehpare Edin Social Responsibility Award” and “Hisar Social Sciences Award”.

Ceren, who started her undergraduate education with full scholarship at Macalester College in the United States by winning an international Kofi Annan education scholarship, studied international politics as a major and completed media and sociology departments as a minor. She graduated from the University in 2014 with her thesis on combating terrorism and global hatred. She did internships in small local and foreign newspapers and in several large non-governmental organizations. Wishing to return to Istanbul and gain some work experience before applying to a master’s degree, Ceren worked for 2.5 years in Istanbul Edelman PR agency, one of the most well-known international companies in the communication sector. After she decided to specialize in the field of communication, she completed her master’s degree on The New Media at the Faculty of Communication of Brussels University. She graduated from the master’s program in 2017, earning the title of outstanding achievement with the thesis she wrote on digital media diversity and its impact on society.

For the last 3 years, Ceren, who has started working at Amazon’s European headquarters in Luxembourg, has been the administrative assistant of three different corporate communications directors who manage Amazon’s Europe and Middle East teams. Ceren considers it a great experience to be able to work so closely with successful and talented leaders of America and Western Europe, who have made a name in the communication sector, and to contribute to the strategic planning in the communication department of an innovative company like Amazon. She states that the communication sector constantly encourages her to remain versatile and to produce valuable projects that can leave a mark in many fields, and she wants to continue her career in this field.

Ceren, who participated in many social responsibility projects and in international leadership activities such as MUN and YLI throughout her education life at Hisar High School, states that her academic and social experiences at Hisar gave her the chance of getting the International Kofi Annan scholarship, which enables full scholarship at her study in University.

Our graduate Ceren describes Hisar as a colorful world with school trips, various artistic and cultural activities, sports tournaments, numerous conferences and academic seminars. She is especially grateful to her teachers, who left a great mark on her with his personalities and academic knowledge. We wish our dear graduate Ceren, who is now participating in Cambridge University’s online certificate program on leadership in sustainability and business management, a lot of success in her journey to reach her ideals.