Ali Ömer Erener, who started his education life in Hisar School in the 6th grade, graduated from Hisar High School in 2018.

Ali Ömer, who has a great interest in drawing since a young age, received acceptance from the Department of Illustration at the School of Visual Arts University in New York, where he went to develop his talent in technical terms.

Our graduate is currently a 3rd year university student and works on the theme of “All in the Family” as an undergraduate project. With this project, he plans to touch upon the family and home topics, which we once again understand their importance during the pandemic process.

The drawings of Ali Ömer become also popular on professional platforms. He made illustrations for one of the tracks in Sertab Erener’s new album in the summer of 2020 and these drawings were turned into an animation video clip. Our graduate, whose post-university career goals include working in an art gallery and continuing to work as a freelance illustrator, especially wants to make drawings for different brands, newspapers and magazines and to achieve an integrity with the paintings he created.

Defining the warm educational environment of Hisar as a place that attaches importance to the art and offers opportunities for students to see and develop their own potentials, our graduate states that the students of Hisar who consider art-oriented fields in their University education will be much more advantageous than other candidates.

Describing Hisar School as an enjoyable and productive education life where good friendships are gained, Ali Ömer describes being a member of Hisar as finding himself in a great family.

We wish our dear graduate success on his career path.