Our 2019 graduate Selin Öz who continues her education in Columbia University, will take part in the international “Technovation 2021 Launch” event on Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 12:00. (Turkey Time)

Our graduate will share her experiences with Technovation Challenge, which she attended while studying Hisar Middle School and High School. Students who are interested in the event can participate by using the registration link.


What are Technovation Girls?

Technovation Girls is an international organization that offers female students opportunities in programming, product development, entrepreneurship and leadership from around the world. With the Technovation Challenge, which we have been in since 2012, we have been working on programming, product development, entrepreneurship and leadership. A mobile application that focuses on a solution is developed by addressing a global problem within the scope of the project with a large number of students at secondary and high school level, and the process is completed with a comprehensive business plan to implement the application.