We are hosting Istanbul’s only international festival of children and youth, Atta Festival, which is based on the arts and cultural rights of children, on Friday, December 4 at 17.00 in our Atatürk Hall with the dance theater “The Elephant From An Egg” without an audience. You can watch the play, which appeals to viewers aged three and over, on our school’s YouTube channel from 17:00 on the same day.

“The Elephant From An Egg” is a game about growth and development, and friendships that make the impossible possible. Atta Festival is adapting “The Elephant From An Egg” with Israel’s Safe Place Festival and Munich-based artist Ceren Oran to perform for children with learning difficulties and the autism spectrum. This project is the first version and the Goethe Institute made for this field in Turkey and Israel is an international collaboration supported by the Consulate General in Istanbul.

Art Direction, choreography, dance: Ceren Oran

Choreography, puppet player and puppet design: Roni Sagi

Music and vocals: Tuncay Acar, Magdalena Kriss

Illustration: Christoph Gredler

Dramaturgy: Susanne Lipinski

Please click to access our Youtube channel.