Bahadır Ünal, who started his education life at Hisar Preschool at the age of 5, graduated from Hisar High School in 2012.

Bahadır, who is excited about the idea of producing innovative software to solve our current problems, studied Computer Engineering at Bilkent University. After graduation, he worked as a software test engineer in “big data” projects in the field of telecommunications at Huawei company for 1 year. Our graduate, who is currently working at Siemens, develops test automation software in projects aimed at integrating industrial automation devices with “cloud” and “edge” technologies. In addition to his professional career, Bahadır continues his master’s degree in Computer Engineering at Bahçeşehir University, and develops machine learning and deep learning-based projects within the scope of his graduate studies.

Our graduate, who cares about contributing to processes such as understanding the problem, designing the solution, developing the most successful algorithms with the right technologies and presenting the product to the user, explained that the free thinking he had learned at Hisar opened new ways for him. He states that free thinking is very effective in the correctness of his decisions he made in academic and professional fields.

Thanks to his musical studies during his years at Hisar, Bahadır received the “Art Buff” award given to the most successful student of the Bilkent University graduation class in the field of art. Also with the experience he gained in community services projects in Hisar, he became the coordinator of the GünKöy (Sun Rises From Village) project at Bilkent University. He went to village schools without libraries with the student education team, organized various activities in the fields of arts and sports, and painted the school walls and built a library. As a result of all these successful volunteer work, Bahadır was awarded the honor certificate given by the Dean of Students of Bilkent University when he graduated.

Our graduate, who works on optimizing emotion analysis with “deep learning” algorithms at the academy, aims to develop and present his work as a product in the company he is currently in or with his own team in the future, and achieve permanent success in the sector.

Bahadır, who sees Hisar School as a place that enables him to recognize his potential in a loving environment and become the person he is today, defines being a member of Hisar as having the necessary self-confidence and equipment to make a difference with a creative perspective. We sincerely wish success to our beloved graduate Bahadır in his future goals.