The first of the series of online conversations with experts organized by our Culture, Art and Sports Activities Committee for our administrative and academic staff took place on Wednesday, January 6th.

Cenk Devrim Ulusoy, the world record holder and the Free Diving National Team Coach, was our guest in the conversation on “Introduction to Breathing Techniques”. We would like to thank Cenk Devim Ulusoy for this pleasant and useful conversation, who gave information about the correct breathing techniques to reduce the anxiety and anxiety that occurred during this period when we had to temporarily lead an isolated life in our homes due to the coronavirus epidemic affecting the world.

Who is Cenk Devrim Ulusoy?

Cenk Devrim Ulusoy is an athlete who was selected to the National Swimming Team at the age of 9 thanks to his talent and success, and won more than 600 medals in the domestic and international competitions in the swimming sport he continued until his university years. At the same time free that began in 2003 Diving Turkey in sectors proud that so many record breaking tossed Cenk Devrim Ulusoy 2 World Championship in this branch, 2 European Championships, there is the Championship 1 Underwater Games. Ulusoy continues her career as a Free Diving (National Team) trainer, breathing techniques and stress management. Ulusoy, who also gave motivational speeches that increase work efficiency, has published two books named “One Breath” and “Nefes and You”.