Derev Clara Kösedağ, who started her education life in Hisar School at the class of 4th in Primary School, graduated from Hisar High School in 2015.

Telling that she is always keen on colors, harmony, paints and handmade designs, our graduate believed that the area where she could best express her feelings and thoughts was fashion and decided to study fashion design after her high school graduation. With a successful degree, Derev enrolled at Istanbul Technical University & SUNY double degree Fashion Design department. She studied at ITU for two years and at New York Fashion Institute of Technology for two years and completed her undergraduate education.

While Derev was in the 3rd grade at Istanbul Technical University, she received the Koton Honorary Award with her own designed collection at the fashion show she organized. Moreover, her graduation thesis project was selected to take part in an exhibition and film of 2020 Future of Fashion Show at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Our graduates believe that all these awards are not just about talent; success can only come by working with determination. In that point Derev underlines how Hisar School thought her to be versatile, to be open to all kinds of innovations, never afraid to try.

Nowadays, our graduate, who has been working hard on her own brand “Declara”, which she founded about a year and a half ago, does not limit her career goals. She believes that the name of “Declare” will be a desired brand in the wardrobes of people not only in Turkey but also in the world. At the same time Derev plans to position this brand in a different and free frame.

Defining Hisar School as a warm home and milestone, our graduate sees being a member of Hisar equal to being free, original and brave. We sincerely wish success to our beloved Derev, like many Hisar graduates who do not limit their dreams and continue to work with determination.