Our Hisar Culture, Art and Sports Activities Committee is launching a new series of events for our academic and administrative staff: “Hisar Cinema Talks”.

Hisar Cinema Talks, which will be organized for the participants who want to improve the film culture and film review practice, will feature many selections from classic films to modern cinema. Cinematographic elements such as “shooting scales, camera angles, lens / subjective camera, camera movements” will also be evaluated together with the participants.

The first of the Hisar Cinema Talks series will begin on Thursday, February 18 at 20:00, moderated by our Turkish Language and Literature teacher Barış Has. The first film of the event, which is planned to be held every two weeks on Thursday evenings, is “Bagdad Cafe” (1987) directed by Percy Adlon.

Participants will determine the next movie together.

Before the meeting, the determined movie is expected to be watched.