Sculptor Ozan Ünal and our High School 9th grade students came together at the Artist-Student meetings organized under the leadership of Hisar Visual Arts Department.

The artist shared his artistic journey, which started in different disciplines and continued with sculpture, in an online presentation from his atelier in Karşıyaka, İzmir. In addition, our students had the opportunity to experience the emergence of sculpture from an idea, sometimes from a sentence, then sketches, and finally the transformation of the artist’s hand into three dimensions through the artist’s works.

Ozan Ünal, in his figurative sculptures made with a “magical realist” narrative, strongly conveys human relations, communication, and sometimes mutual “plays” to the audience. He describes some of these people, who he made with wood, iron, concrete, stainless steel and bronze, as types who have trouble with “reality”. We sincerely thank the artist once again for this meeting and hope to be able to host him at our school when we move on to face-to-face education.