The second session of “Stronger Together” was held for our teachers under the leadership of our Information Strategies Center.

Our guest teachers were Emrah Durmuş and Banu Aldemir at the meeting with theme of “Interaction in Distance Education”.

In the first part, Emrah Durmuş shared his experiences with our teachers about the Pear Deck tool, which can be used in distance, face-to-face and hybrid education. In the second part of the program, with “Practical Suggestions for Checking-in with Students in Distance Learning”, Banu Aldemir shared her examples on how to be aware of the emotional states of students and support them in this process by using Jamboard, Padlet, PollEverywhere, Pear Deck, Google Form applications.,

The sessions, in which our teachers find answers to many questions about the process and results of using different tools, will continue.