As Hisar School, we would like to think, imagine and discuss the future with our students within the celebration of the 25th anniversary of our school taking place in years 2021-2021. The first of these projects in this context, is taking place within the scope of the Writing Center Space Week Writing Contest among our Middle School Students. The project consists of the poems and short stories written and voiced by our students based on their learnings on space and planets in science lessons.

These products are the result of the integration of the STEAM education model, adopted by our schools in order to provide the skills required by the digital age, with our curriculum, including creative writing. Each of the works written by our students has been transformed into animated videos with the support of our Cultural Center. 

We are very excited about the interest as well as the creative work our students have revealed in this field which harbors ambiguities about the future.  The first of the animated video series will start to be aired on our website and on our School’s official Youtube, Instagram and Facebook accounts as of this week.  You can watch the rest of the series, which will consist of seven videos, until the end of the semester.

We hope that these bright pieces of works of our students will instill hope to all of us during the 25th anniversary celebrations when we are all going through challenges from different angles.