The seventh session of “Stronger Together” was held for our teachers under the leadership of our Information Strategies Center.

Our guest teachers, Zeynep Attar, Duygu Erdoğan and Hatice Ergi focused on the theme of “Interactive, Collaborative, and Differentiating Lesson Designs in Distance and Hybrid Education Models”. 

Zeynep Attar, with her presentation “Interactive Lessons with Nearpod”, talked about interactive lesson designs by using Nearpod which has helped teachers make lessons available for student participation. In the following part, Duygu Erdoğan and Hatice Ergi made their presentation on “Sample Course Design for Collaborative Working and Differentiation” and shared examples of lesson design, that students applied what they learned in distance education and turned into products, which gave them the right to choose while preparing these products.

The sessions will continue with new themes.