Our Hisar STEM Science Sparks Club students started an important recycling campaign as GSL, WWF and Eco Okullar team members.

The issues of recycling and efficient use of our resources, which are very important for the future of our world, have become even more critical, especially with the pandemic process. In this process, the inability to destroy the items such as plastics and masks, in a controlled manner poses a big problem for the environment. 

Our students, who want to draw attention to the importance of recycling, organize a “RECYCLE THE WORLD” stop motion film competition. The chosen applicants will be donated a sapling by TEMA Foundation. 

Be the voice of the earth, your voice will become a sapling!

You may upload your submissions to the link below:


Deadline: 12th of April, Monday

Video Criteria:

  • Your video must be min.1.30 and max.2 minutes long.
  • You should emphasize the importance of recycling
  • You must use the stop-motion technique
  • You must come up with a slogan and use it in your video

You can send your questions to gslmiddleschool@hisarschool.k12.tr via e-mail.