According to researches, approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste is thrown into the seas every year. It means that the equivalent of one garbage truck of litter is thrown into the sea by us every second.

Our three High School students, who wanted to draw attention to the severe and global consequences of the effects of single-use plastic products on our environment and our health, started an “non-recyclable plastic campaign”.

You can visit the web page of our 9th grade students, Alida O., Dafne O. and Kayla K., to support the signature campaign “Ban Single Use Plastic in Turkey” or follow them on Instagram.

We congratulate our students for this meaningful work.

Campaign Web Site

Instagram: @hisarglobalactivists

As Hisar School, we care about our students’ awareness of environmental awareness. Although health and safety measures have taken priority in pandemic conditions, we take care to act with this sensitivity. We congratulate our students for this meaningful work.