We are continuing the conference series “Hisar Talks: Reimagining the Future …”, organized in honor of the 25th anniversary of our school, where we discuss the future with our guests  who are experts on different branches of science and technology. We are happy to announce that the third conference of the series will take place on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 17:00.

In our conference entitled “Systemic Thinking: Disruptive Trends”, we will focus on the developments that we face today, the future of our planet and humanity, and the education approach that we are obliged to follow in educating the talents that can direct this new future.

We will continue to search for answers to many questions regarding the future with our distinguished guests; Hans van der Loo, Chairman IIER, Energy & Eco-system Expert, STEM Ambassador, Thoughtleader, Keynote Speaker & Author and Ayşegül İldeniz, a pioneer in innovation, technology transformation and future vision in Silicon Valley and Istanbul, Turkey. Why is the impact of today’s developments growing exponentially? What is the cause and effect relationship of this effect? How should we transform the education system in the process of developing new future talents? To what extent does STEM fit into the required education system? Why is a systematic approach necessary in an innovative, transformative and groundbreaking thinking system? Can technology change the future? What awaits us? In our third conference, with the participation of our 12th grade students, Deniz Uncu and Lara Nakhcivan, we will once again ask many interesting questions and receive answers from the experts.

Thanks to the “Open Source” approach implemented by Hisar School, with the awareness of social responsibility, our third conference will be broadcast live on our school’s Youtube channel and open to the public, students, their families and educators across Turkey. We will be happy to see you all among us at our conference, where our students actively participate in the organization phase.


Hisar Talks: Discussing the Future….
Systemic thinking: Disruptive Trends

Date: Thursday, June 3 2021
Time: 17.00
Guests: Hans van der Loo, Ayşegül İldeniz

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Guest Speakers’ Resumes:

Hans van der Loo

Hans van der Loo, MBA, studied in Breukelen, Paris, Oxford, Düsseldorf and Tokyo. He started at McKinsey, then joined Shell where he worked in over 40 countries. He has been Shell’s Chief Lobbyist in Europe. Based in Brussels he was member of the Advisory Council of BusinessEurope and sherpa to Shell CEO’s in ERT. In 2012 he joined World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Since 2014 he is Chairman of the Institute for Integrated Economic Research. 

He advises the European Commission on Education and Sustainability. He is also EU Ambassador for the EU STEM Coalition helping to set up triple-helix (government-schools-enterprise) STEM Platforms in several EU Member-states to strengthen sySTEMic thinking (=critical, logical and holistic) essential to face the exponential challenges of the 21stCentury. As thought-leader he has been invited to speak at Bilderberg, COP21, European Business Summit, World Economic Forum and other international fora.

Ayşegül İldeniz

Aysegul ildeniz is a pioneer in innovation, technology transformation and future vision in Silicon Valley and Istanbul, Turkey. Ildeniz had a successful career at Intel Corporation, global semiconductor leader; last job being the global vice president for New Devices Group, focused on creating the next wave of computing devices and smart wearables. Prior to that, Ildeniz ran Intel’s Middle East, Turkey and Africa region, covering 67 countries. Ildeniz also served as the Chief Operating Officer for Silver Spring Networks, a publicly owned worldwide leading energy company focused on internet of things and smart energy. SSNI held half of the US smart energy market with more than 26 million subscribers; and transformed leading cities of the world like Singapore, London, Chicago, Paris, Copenhagen into smart cities. 

In 2015, she was named amongst “World’s Top 100 Most Creative People” by Fast Company, one of the most prestigious publications in the United States; also was selected “America’s 3rd Most Influential Person ” by TOA (Turks of America). İldeniz, who was named “Technology executive of the Year” in 2004 and “Female Executive of the Year” in 2006 by Dünya newspaper, is currently the president of TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network and a member of the Board of Directors of New York-based Turkish Philanthropy Funds and is an Eisenhower Fellow. Ayşegül İldeniz currently is doing work on electric cars in Silicon Valley and is a board member of Zorlu Energy Corporation; Vestel Electronics and Vestel White Goods incorporations; and Dogan Holding Company. Ildeniz holds a degree in Business Administration from Bosphorus University and a Masters in Electronic Communications Arts from San Francisco State University, California.