Pia Alara De Marchi who started her education at Hisar School in the 9th grade of High School, graduated from Hisar High School in 2016.

Our graduate studied in the “Management with Marketing” department at the University of Bath, one of the best universities in England. She then took an entrepreneurial step with The Ned / Lon company, of which she was a founding partner, and started working to provide services in various fields such as finding a house, transportation and moving to students who will study abroad. Pia especially enjoyed the processes of developing real estate projects, monitoring feasibility studies and ensuring that transactions comply with legal regulations. Due to her interest in the real estate sector, she started to work as a “Research and Project Development Analyst” at Servotel Corporation in London for a while.

Pia is currently working as a “Property Acquisition Associate” at the Getir company, and states that she owes a lot to Hisar School during her career planning process. She received support and guidance from Hisar International University Counseling Office as of 11th grade in High School, and believes that Hisar had a great influence on acceptance by the University of Bath in England, where she believes she can show her potential in the best way.

Our graduate, who successfully continues her professional career, is also very interested in sports. Besides being a good golf player, Pia is also a national athlete. Pia, who has been in the Turkish National Team in horse riding since the age of 12, successfully represents our country in many competitions abroad.

Regarding the future plans, Pia aims to be a competent specialist in the field of real estate, and is currently preparing to study in the field of “Real Estate Investment” at City University Cass Business School in 2022. Defining Hisar as an individual who is creative, ethical and open-minded we wish success to dear Pia in her career, education and sport projects.