The PiWars competition held at Cambridge University was held for the first time in Turkey in 2019 at Hisar School by our High School students.

Piwars Turkey, which is hosted by Hisar every year, was organized for the third time this year, in April 2021, on an online platform with the participation of 67 teams. In the event; in addition to the competition process, trainings on topics such as 3D design, programming and basic electronics were given by our students to more than 1500 participants through the Udemy channel.

Throughout the competition, teams produced Raspberry Pi-based mobile robots and competed in both remote-controlled and autonomous tasks such as completing bumpy courses, solving mazes and hitting targets. 

This process has greatly contributed to the development of our students’ mentoring, leadership and organizational skills, as well as increasing their expertise in programming, electronics and robotics.

We congratulate the participant teams, and appreciate all our students and teachers who supported Piwars III competition process.