Kemal Ünal, who started his education life in Hisar School with Preschool, graduated from Hisar High School in 2014.

Believing the law is the collective product of conscience and reason, and constitutes the most important basis of the culture of living together, Kemal wants to carry his interest and curiosity in this field to an academic platform. Also the fact that Kemal’s grandfather, Kemalettin Ünal, was one of the first lawyers of the Republic of Turkey, is another important factor in our graduate’s inclination to the law. As a result of all these, Kemal starts his undergraduate education at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law.

Kemal, who took part in many politic clubs during his university years, won the “best plaintiff” and “best defendant” awards in the European Championship, the hypothetical court competition of the World Trade Organization, which he attended with his fellow law students. Our graduate, who states that violence against women is the problem of the whole society, works on projects in this regard and also participates in various television programs on this subject.

After graduating from the faculty with honors, Kemal registered Istanbul Bar Association and does his internship at Yazıcı Attorney Partnership, which serves local and foreign clients. At the end of a 1-year internship, our graduate receives a job offer from the same company aand so starts his official lawyer career. He especially focuses on oil and natural gas law, contract law, sanction law and criminal law. Our graduate, who successfully completed the Ethical Leader Academy and earned the title of “ethical leader”, also writes articles on the platform called “Foreign Policy Research & Analysis” and takes part in various international think tanks.

Seeing Hisar as a place where he has good memories and friendships, Kemal states that the school in Hisar is not just about the curriculum: “Hisar sees differences as richness and tells its students; “We value your choices, the qualities that make you unique, and we are always there for you to improve them.”

Kemal believes that Hisar’s modern, inclusive and developmental education approach make students not only world citizens but also good decision-makers. In this regard he emphasizes how Hisar made a great contribution on heading towards his legal career, which he pursues happily. Kemal defines Hisar School as a school that instills the essence of knowledge and the notion of reasoning in its students and makes a difference. We are proud of our dear graduate Kemal, who is among the most sacred representatives of the concept of justice, and wish him endless success in realizing his ideals.