We are delighted to begin the second semester of the 2021-22 Academic year on our 25th anniversary with a new exhibition. Fatih Orbay, a documentarian focused on the biodiversity of Turkey, reveals his expertise in photography with the exhibition “Wild Flowers of Turkey”, spotlighting the flamboyant yet fragile beauty of our nation’s wild flowers. Our students will be enjoying the exhibition till April 25, questioning topics “In view of such abundance, how much of this inevitable natural cycle of which we are a part can we perceive?” in their heads. Awareness of  this unique biodiversity will not only help protect it, but also help expand our perception of what really surrounds us in our natural habitat.

This exhibition is homage to the beauty of flowers growing in Turkey, accompanied by brief botanical information about each one. The photos of the exhibition have been selected among 15.000 transparencies, from an archive created in the past twenty years. In the last decade, Fatih Orbay covered over 50-60 thousand kilometers every year under tough natural conditions and temperatures varying from – 25C to +55C with a special 4 wheel drive motor-caravan. A collection from this extraordinary archive is now in exhibition at Hisar Arts and Culture Center.