Sibel Yalkın (Preschool Principle), Füsun Toparlak (Middle Vice Principal), and our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department teachers Burcu Kıranlar, İclal Yılmaz and Sevil Ünal Doğan attended the “Inclusion Conference in Education” organized by ECIS (The Educational Collaborative for International Schools) in Athens, where 89 schools from 29 countries took part on 17-18 March.

At the conference, our teachers made presentations within the scope of the programs implemented in our school for the cognitive and socio-emotional development of our students. While Burcu Kıranlar and Füsun Toparlak made a presentation titled “CAS (Cognitive Assessment System) as a Psychoeducational Assessment and Its Use in Schools”, Sevil Ünal Doğan and İclal Yılmaz made a presentation titled “Creating a Positive School Climate: Anti-Bullying Program”.