With a state of the art, 550-seater theatre, Hisar School is well-equipped for the musicals and performances our students take part in throughout the academic year. At Hisar, Drama Clubs are offered to students from grade levels 3 to 12 and Drama Electives are offered to grade 8 and high school students. Our aim in these sessions is to introduce and consolidate drama skills and techniques which contribute to our daily lives and encourages individuals to work collectively towards a common goal of a production of a play, skit or musical with a live audience.

We invite our students to explore the many benefits that doing theatre offers in terms of learning, teaching, making friends, supporting each other and developing many other skills. Through creative activities, our students find their own voice, feel the strength of collaborating with their peers and teachers and improve their abilities to express themselves.

Life is a stage, But we would like to offer our students the opportunity to use our beautiful stage to showcase their talents and step out of their comfort zones.

Over the years, our students have staged the following musicals in addition to many other plays.

2016 - The Sound of Music

2015 - Sen Hiç Ateş Böceği Gördün mü?

2015 - Scenes That Happened

2014 - Mama Mia

2013 - Chicago

2013 - Murder at Christmas

2012 - Fame

2012 - Annie

2011 - Lüküs Hayat

2011 - Cinderella

2010 - The Haunting of Chiplake Lodge

2010 - All You Need Is Love

2009 - Deli Dumrul

2009 - The Odd Couple

2009 - Cimri

2008 - Girl Talk

2008 - Temple Twins

2007 - Diamond Dreams