German courses in high school are carried out as 3 hours in Prep and grade 9-10-11 and 2 hours in grade 12 weekly.

High School German courses aim students to gain mastery in basic vocabulary and structure of German language. Besides, being able to express themselves basically and developing their present knowledge of German language in unique contexts are important. The program allows students to achieve success in certificate tests applied in Culture Centers and to get to know about the German culture.

Prep and Grade 9 Beginner Level

Prep and Grade 9 German course topics comprise of introducing oneself, greetings, filling a form, occupations, nationalities, physical description, colors, basic clothes, interests and hobbies, branches of sports, musical instruments, (verbs+Basic sentence building+basic question forms), apologizing, writing cards, days, months, seasons, telling the time, daily routines, course schedule, parts of the house, furniture, prepositions of place and direction, names of the shops, simple directions, foods and drinks, shopping dialogues, dialogues at the restaurant.

Grade 9 Level 2

Grade 9 level 2 German courses include introducing oneself to someone, filling a form, nationalities and occupations, physical descriptions, describing personalities, biographic studies, telling the time, daily routine, writing stories, book studies, summarizing, environment and its importance, shops, school life, courses and course schedules.

Grade 10

Grade 10 German course provides the following subjects; clothes, clothing styles, creating your own style activity, shopping dialogues, weather, telling the time, parts of the house, life styles, furniture, prepositions of place and direction, shops, transportation, giving directions, foods and drinks, recipes, different cultural recipes, future plans and holiday activities.

Grade 11

Grade 11 German course includes telling past holiday, comparing city life and village life, visual media (types of TV programs and contents/film genres/comparing), problems of youth and giving advise, eating healthy and importance of doing sports.

Grade 12

In grade 12 German course we study famous people from German speaking countries and their lives, European movies and poster works, dialogue practice and role play, place I live and its surroundings, German cuisine topics.