“Turkish language is a wide sea holding various shades of colors within its depth, extent, unlimited power and beauty.” Yaşar Kemal

Turkish Language Teaching Program helps students acquire linguistic and cognitive skills through written and verbal communication for a lifetime. The skills are provided through writing, reading, speaking and listening practices. Structuring the skills is based on the integrity of individual and social development, effective communication, loving Turkish language, knowledge aiming to gain reading – writing habit willingly, skills and values. Developing linguistic skills and competencies are accepted as prerequisition of learning in all other fields and gaining personal and social communication skills.


The aim of Turkish Language Teaching Program is to raise individuals who;

  • can use Turkish language accurately and effectively,
  • express oneself and communicate well, collaborate, have developed problem-solving and entrepreneurship skills,
  • are aware of one’s rights and responsibilities, have high self-confidence, blend in the community, able to express his or her views and hypothesis in words and verbally based on facts and proof,
  • can comprehend and evaluate things they read with a critical eye , able to synthesize, enoy reading and learning,
  • develop skills to gain, form and share knowledge by using information technologies safely,

In order for our students to transform what they learn into skills, we give particular importance to encouraging them to read from Turkish and world’s distinguished literary work and respecting different cultures to become a global citizen. So, the teaching program minds that the students deal with visual readings, reflective essays linked to daily life and intellectual competencies through research, intellectual savings and developing their world of thought.