Students use language to express their ideas, requests and feelings. Listening to what’s being told and speaking about personal experiences develop their effective communication skills. Effective use of the language makes learning easier.

Instead of teaching reading and writing before they are ready, we aim to bring in basic skills for pre-literacy. Tales, made-up rhymes, songs, poems and composing riddles help the children use language fluently and enlarge their vocabulary. Teachers initiate curiosity for the literacy by using written materials and books in learning areas. Recognizing sounds and symbols in words, distinguishing a sound in a word and paying attention on a written text prepares the students for literacy. These skills help students move easily to literacy studies in grade 1.

Library Skills

In order to gain reading habit and love reading, reading and library times take place in our classes for both English and Turkish programs. Each classroom has bookshelves available for the kids to read from a wide range of themes in both languages. Besides, each class visits library once a week. Students can read and borrow from Turkish and English books, magazines and encyclopedias which are age-appropriate. Through this activity, ability to take responsibility and reading skills are supported. Families can visit our library after school. Looking at the pictures in the books, turning the pages of the books, listening to stories, keeping an eye on the written materials around them and enjoying reading are the best ways for children to acquire reading habit.