Primary School Turkish program basically includes some learning areas such as reading-comprehending, writing, listening, speaking and visual reading- writing. Texts are utilized as a tool to gain basic linguistic skills in students.The program covers the units which support necessary learning skills through poetry, narrative and informative texts/books. The content is selected according to features of the themes and used in listening, speaking, writing and reading activities. Students learn about features of writing genres, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary while associating them with daily life within content of the units. To be able to write in different genres (story, poem, instructional, informative), students practice on relevant features of each genres. Students learn how to write on a certain genre with planned activities such as editing, internalizing punctuation rules, using their imagination on creative writing.

Primary School Turkish program aims to bring following skills and experinces in students;

  • Enabiling students to use writing and speaking rules in Turkish language consciously and attentively,
  • Bringing literacy habits in students while developing listening/monitoring, speaking, reading and writing skills,
  • Developing vocabulary knowledge to support verbal and written expression skills,
  • Developing reading comprehension and intellectual skills by comparing and analyzing on texts,
  • Enabling them to make verbal and written expressions on their emotions, opinions and hypothesis about a topic effectively and efficiently,
  • Developing skills to access, edit, question, use and generate information,
  • Allowing them to evaluate and question what they learn from a critical point of view,
  • Enabling them to acquire a universal perspective by recognizing aesthetic and artistic values through literary works belonging to Turkish and World’s culture.